HP 364 XL Cleaning cartridges - 4-pack

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Do you experience stripes or is a colour missing when printing? Then you probably have a clogged printing channel in your printer. This could be because you don't use your printer very often, but it also happens sometimes with printers that are used on a daily basis. Fortunately, the solution is simple: use a cleaning cartridge once and the print quality will be optimal again. Read more
  • 4 Cleaning cartridges in CMYK colours
  • Clean print channels by flushing them with ink
  • The solution for stripes or missing colours

Product description: HP 364 XL Cleaning cartridges - 4-pack

Set of 4 cleaning cartridges with HP 364 XL ink. Flush your print channels and your print quality will be like never before.

Streaks from the printer

There's nothing more frustrating than a half-faded printout or a photo you wanted to print in colour, but it comes out practically black and white. Often this is simply because your cartridges are empty, but it can also indicate another problem. Streaks on your paper, or missing colours, can mean that your print channels are clogged. This could be because ink residue has been stuck to the edges of the channels over time. But even when a printer is not used for a long time, print channels can dry out and become clogged. These cartridges with cleaning fluid are the solution in such cases. 

The benefits of cleaning cartridges

  • Just a few cleanings can work wonders
  • By flushing liquid through the print channels at high speed, you prevent dehydration and remove ink residues
  • You can print at high quality the same day
  • Extend the life of your printer

How the cleaning cartridge works

The HP 365 XL Cleaning Cartridges are filled with special cleaning fluid. You install the cleaning cartridge in the printer just like a normal cartridge. Then you turn on the printer and start cleaning by turning on the appropriate utility. The print channels will be cleaned with the cleaning fluid. This fluid ensures that ink residues are completely dissolved and that print channels flow smoothly again. It is recommended to use the cleaning cartridges as a preventive measure as well: regular cleaning will prevent your printer from clogging up and will make it last longer.

For use with HP printers:

  • Deskjet 3070 A
  • Deskjet 3520 e-All-in-One (Only on new models from 2012)
  • Deskjet 3524
  • Deskjet 4620
  • Officejet 4622 e-All-in-one
  • Photosmart 5510
  • Photosmart 5514
  • Photosmart 5515
  • Photosmart 5520
  • Photosmart 5522
  • Photosmart 5524
  • Photosmart 5525
  • Photosmart 6510
  • Photosmart 6520
  • Photosmart 6525
  • Fizzizioni 7510
  • Mezzanine 7515
  • Photosmart 7520
  • Photosmart all-in-one
  • Photosmart B 010 A
  • Photosmart B 109
  • Photosmart B 109 A
  • Photosmart B 109 N
  • Photosmart B 110
  • Photosmart B 110 A
  • Photosmart B 209
  • Photosmart B 209 A
  • Photosmart B 210
  • Photosmart B 8550
  • Photosmart B 8550 A
  • Photosmart C 209
  • Photosmart C 310
  • Photosmart C 410
  • Photosmart C 410 B
  • Photosmart C 510
  • Photosmart C 510 A
  • Photosmart C 5324
  • Fotosmart C 5380
  • Photosmart C 6324
  • Photosmart C 6380
  • Photosmart D 5460
  • Photosmart E All-in-one
  • Photosmart eStation
  • Photosmart P 105
  • Photosmart Plus
  • Photosmart Plus B 209 series
  • Photosmart Plus E
  • Photosmart Premium
  • Photosmart Premium all-in-one
  • Photosmart Premium C 309
  • Photosmart Premium C309 A
  • Photosmart Premium C309 G
  • Photosmart Premium C309 N
  • Photosmart Premium Fax
  • Photosmart Premium Fax C309 A
  • Photosmart Premium TouchSmart
  • Photosmart Pro B 8550
  • Photosmart Wireless

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This product is rated with a 9,2

9,2 5 Reviews
    • Drucker geht wieder

      "Alles bestens"

      Grit - 21-10-2023

    • Reinigings cartridges HP

      "Nuttige toevoeging, ik gebruik ze regelmatig. Bij begin van lock-down had ik ze in de printer geinstalleerd en na >12 maanden kon ik de printer weer opstarten zonder dat de printkop volledig ingedroogd was, anders had ik die printer kunnen weg gooien. Helaas is de prijs wel erg omhoog gegaan, nu bijna 3x dat van 3 jaar geleden."

      J - 05-06-2023

    • Nettoyage imprimante.

      "Cartouches pour imprimante HP"

      Gilbert - 01-05-2023

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      "Top Patronen, schnell geliefert. Nur zu empfehlen"

      Jörg - 27-03-2023

    • Alles prima

      "Schnell geliefert, gerne wieder Drucker läuft wieder, leider nicht in schwarz, liegt aber bestimmt am Drucker"

      Annette - 04-10-2022

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HP 364 XL Cleaning cartridges - 4-pack

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