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Looking for cleaning cartridges for your Epson printer? The ink&print cleaning cartridges prevent dirty print buttons, reduce ink loss and extend the service life of your Epson printer. Read more

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Cartridge maintenance is essential for the longevity of your printer. Regular cleaning of your Epson printer with a cartridge cleaner will prevent dirty printheads, reduce ink loss and extend the life of your printer.

When a printer is in frequent use, the printheads can become dirty and clogged. On the other hand, ink can dry out when the printer is used infrequently. Dirty printheads and dried ink can result in white streaks on the print work.

Both problems can be prevented and solved by regularly cleaning the printer. You do that with our cleaning cartridges.

Thanks to the cleaning cartridges, the life of your Epson printer will be extended and there will be less ink loss. This saves you both on ink and the early purchase of a new printer.

Ink&print recommends cleaning the printer with a cleaning cartridge before installing a new cartridge.

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