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Looking for a printer to print cheaply? Look no further and read our advice on the cheapest printers! Ink&Print helps you make the best choice. A printer that seamlessly connects to your needs and use and also prints cheaply.

Print cheaply? Of course you do with ink&print cartridges

Buying a printer can be difficult. The offer is very diverse and it's often difficult to compare them in terms of printing costs. How do you know which one to choose? We can tell you one thing. We do our utmost to realise the sharpest possible prices so you can print cheaply. Therefore, always choose a printer that prints with Ink&Print cartridges.

The most suitable printer for everyone is different and depends on your wishes and use. In this chaos of printers, we would like to help you find the printer that suits your needs best.

Printers suitable for Ink&Print cartridges

Canon Printers

Are you looking for a new printer that uses ink&print cartridges? Then the Canon printers below are a good option:

Printers for ink&print Canon 550/551 cartridges:

  • Canon Pixma IP7250
  • Canon Pixma IP8750

Printers for ink&print Canon 570/571 cartridges:

  • Pixma MG5750
  • Pixma MG6851
  • Pixma TS5050
  • Pixma TS5051
  • Pixma TS5053
  • Pixma TS6051

Printers for ink&print Canon 580/581 cartridges:

  • Pixma TR 7550
  • Pixma TR 8550
  • Pixma TS 6151
  • Pixma TS 6250
  • Pixma TS 8150
  • Pixma TS 8151
  • Pixma TS 8152
  • Pixma TS 8251
  • Pixma TS 8252
  • Pixma TS 9150
  • Pixma TS705

The following printers also work well with ink&print cartridges. Unfortunately, these printers are no longer for sale in new shops.

  • Ink&print Canon 520 / 521 cartridges: Canon Pixma iP3600, iP4600, iP4700,  MP540, MP550, MP560, MP620, MP630, MP640, MP980, MP990, MX860, MX870
  • Ink&print Canon 525 / 526 cartridges: Canon Pixma iP4850, iP4950, iX6550, MG5150, MG5250, MG5350, MG6150, MG6250, MG8150, MG8250, MX715, MX885, MX895
  • Ink&print Canon 550 / 551 cartridges: Canon Pixma MG5450, MG5550, MG6350, MG6450, MG6650, MG7150, MG7550, IX6850, MX725
  • Ink&print Canon 570 / 571 cartridges: Canon Pixma MG5751, Pixma MG5752, Pixma MG5753, Pixma MG6850, Pixma MG7752, Pixma TS6050, Pixma TS6052, Pixma TS8051, Pixma TS8052, Pixma TS8053

HP Printers

DeskJet 3070 A, DeskJet 3520 e-All-in-One (vanaf 2012 model), DeskJet 3522, DeskJet 3524, OfficeJet 4620, OfficeJet 4622 e-all-in-one, Photosmart 5510, Photosmart 5514
Photosmart 5515 E, Photosmart 5515, Photosmart 5520, Photosmart 5522, Photosmart 5524, Photosmart 5525Photosmart 6510, Photosmart 6520, Photosmart 6525, Photosmart 7510, Photosmart 7515, Photosmart 7520, Photosmart B 010 A, Photosmart B 109 A, Photosmart B 109, Photosmart B 109 N, Photosmart B 110 A, Photosmart B 110, Photosmart B 209 A, Photosmart B 209, Photosmart B 210, Photosmart B 8550 A, Photosmart B 8550, Photosmart C 309, Photosmart C 310, Photosmart C 410 B, Photosmart C 410, Photosmart C 510 A, Photosmart C 510, Photosmart C 5324, Photosmart C 5380, Photosmart C 6324, Photosmart C 6380, Photosmart D 5460, Photosmart E All-in-one, Photosmart P 105, Photosmart Plus B 209 series, Photosmart Plus E, Photosmart Plus, Photosmart Premium C 309, Photosmart Premium C309 A, Photosmart Premium C309 G, Photosmart Premium C309 N, Photosmart Premium Fax C309 A, Photosmart Premium Fax, Photosmart Premium, Photosmart Premium TouchSmart, Photosmart Premium all-in-one, Photosmart Pro B 8550, Photosmart Wireless, Photosmart aio, Photosmart all-in-one, en de Photosmart eStation

Brother Printers

Are you looking for a new printer that uses ink&print cartridges? Then we recommend you to choose an Epson or Canon printer. The Ink&print cartridges for Brother printers are only available in limited quantities and will disappear from the assortment in the future.

Espon Printers

Are you looking for a new printer that uses ink&print cartridges? Then the following printers that use cartridges are a good option. The following printers work well with ink&print cartridges. However, some of them are no longer for sale, so you will have to search for the ones that are still available.

Ink&print Epson 18XL cartridges: Expression Home XP 102, Expression Home XP 202, Expression Home XP 205, Expression Home XP 212, Expression Home XP 215, Expression Home XP 222, Expression Home XP 225, Expression Home XP 30, Expression Home XP 302, Expression Home XP 305, Expression Home XP 312, Expression Home XP 315, Expression Home XP 322, Expression Home XP 325, Expression Home XP 402, Expression Home XP 405, Expression Home XP 405 WH, Expression Home XP 412, Expression Home XP 415, Expression Home XP 422, Expression Home XP 425

Ink&Print Epson 33XL cartridges: Expression Home XP 530, Expression Home XP 630, Expression Home XP 635, Expression Home XP 830,  Expression Premium XP 530, Expression Premium XP 540, Expression Premium XP 630, Expression Premium XP 635, Expression Premium XP 640, Expression Premium XP 645, Expression Premium XP 7100, Expression Premium XP 830, Expression Premium XP 900

Ink&print Epson 24 cartridges: Expression Photo XP 55, Expression Photo XP 750, Expression Photo XP 760, Expression Photo XP 850, Expression Photo XP 860, Expression Photo XP 950, Expression Photo XP 960, Expression Photo XP 970

Ink&print Epson 26 cartridges: Expression Premium XP 510, Expression Premium XP 520, Expression Premium XP 600, Expression Premium XP 605, Expression Premium XP 610, Expression Premium XP 615, Expression Premium XP 620, Expression Premium XP 625, Expression Premium XP 700, Expression Premium XP 710, Expression Premium XP 720, Expression Premium XP 800, Expression Premium XP 810, Expression Premium XP 820

Ink&print Epson 29 cartridges: Expression Home XP 235, Expression Home XP 245, Expression Home XP 247, Expression Home XP 255, Expression Home XP 257, Expression Home XP 332, Expression Home XP 335, Expression Home XP 342, Expression Home XP 345, Expression Home XP 352, Expression Home XP 355, Expression Home XP 432, Expression Home XP 435, Expression Home XP 442, Expression Home XP 445, Expression Home XP 452, Expression Home XP 455
Ink&print Epson 33 cartridges: Expression Home XP 530, Expression Home XP 630, Expression Home XP 635, Expression Home XP 830, Expression Premium XP 530, Expression Premium XP 540, Expression Premium XP 630, Expression Premium XP 635, Expression Premium XP 640, Expression Premium XP 645, Expression Premium XP 7100, Expression Premium XP 830, Expression Premium XP 900

Ink&print Epson 603 cartridges: Expression Home XP 2100, Expression Home XP 2105, Expression Home XP 3100, Expression Home XP 3105, Expression Home XP 4100, Expression Home XP 4105, WorkForce WF 2830, DWFWorkForce WF 2835, DWFWorkForce WF 2850DWF

Ink&print Epson T1285 cartridges: Stylus Office BX 305 F, Stylus Office BX 305 FW, Stylus Office BX 305 FW Plus, Stylus Office BX 310 FN, Stylus S 22, Stylus SX 125, Stylus SX 130, Stylus SX 230, Stylus SX 235 W, Stylus SX 420, Stylus SX 420 W, Stylus SX 425 W, Stylus SX 430 W, Stylus SX 435 W, Stylus SX 438 W, Stylus SX 440 W, Stylus SX 445 W

Ink&print Epson T0715 cartridges: Stylus D 120, Stylus D 78, Stylus D 92, Stylus DX 4000, Stylus DX 4050, Stylus DX 4400, Stylus DX 4450, Stylus DX 5000, Stylus DX 5050, Stylus DX 6000, Stylus DX 6050, Stylus DX 7000 F, Stylus DX 7000, Stylus DX 7400, Stylus DX 7450, Stylus DX 8400, Stylus DX 8450, Stylus DX 9400 F, Stylus Office B 40 W, Stylus Office BX 300 F, Stylus Office BX 310, Stylus Office BX 600 FW, Stylus Office BX 600 series, Stylus Office BX 610 FW, Stylus Photo D 78, Stylus S 20, Stylus S 21, Stylus SX 100, Stylus SX 105, Stylus SX 110, Stylus SX 115, Stylus SX 200, Stylus SX 205, Stylus SX 210, Stylus SX 215, Stylus SX 218, Stylus SX 400, Stylus SX 405, Stylus SX 405 W serie, Stylus SX 405 WiFi, Stylus SX 410, Stylus SX 415, Stylus SX 510, Stylus SX 510 W, Stylus SX 515 W, Stylus SX 600 FW, Stylus SX 600, Stylus SX 610 FW

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