Canon 570/571 Cleaning Cartridges - 5-pack

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Cleaning cartridges for the Canon 570/571. Suitable for use when problems arise, but also recommended for preventive maintenance. These cartridges flush your print channels thoroughly again, so that printing problems are solved. Read more
  • 5 Cleaning cartridges in CMYK colours
  • Clean print channels by flushing them with ink
  • The solution for stripes or missing colours

Product description: Canon 570/571 Cleaning Cartridges - 5-pack

Set of 5 Canon 570/571 XL cleaning cartridges. Suitable in case of print problems, or as a preventive maintenance method.

Maintaining print cartridges

When streaks appear on your print paper, or when colours are suddenly missing or faded, you know that something is wrong. In these cases, it is probably due to the condition of your print channels. They need some care to last. With regular use of a printer, a large amount of ink passes through the print channels, with some of it always sticking to the edges. These accumulate until the passage of the channel is blocked and problems arise. Even if you don't use the printer for a long time, the channels can cause problems. They dry out. Cleaning cartridges help to solve these problems.

The benefits of cleaning cartridges

  • Just a few cleanings will work wonders
  • Flushing fluid through the print channels at high speed stops ink from drying out and removes it.
  • You can print at high quality the same day
  • Extend the life of your printer

No more unsuccessful prints

Cleaning your print channels: a small job with a big effect. When your print channels are clogged, printing becomes an instant ordeal. Printouts come out failed, streaky or blurry. A cleaning cartridge solves that in a few minutes. Literally: ink residues in the print channels dissolve like snow in the sun as soon as the cleaning fluid from the cartridges is flushed through the channels. This special liquid is also the solution in case of dehydration. Running the cleaning programme preventively once in a while also prevents problems and you will never have a failed printout in your hand!

Compatible with Canon printers:

Pixma MG 5700
Pixma MG 5750
Pixma MG 5751
Pixma MG 5752
Pixma MG 5753
Pixma MG 6800
Pixma MG 6850
Pixma MG 6851
Pixma MG 6852
Pixma MG 6853
Pixma MG 7700
Pixma MG 7750
Pixma MG 7751
Pixma MG 7752
Pixma MG 7753
Pixma TS 5050
Pixma TS 5051
Pixma TS 5053
Pixma TS 5055
Pixma TS 6050
Pixma TS 6051
Pixma TS 6052
Pixma TS 8050
Pixma TS 8051
Pixma TS 8052
Pixma TS 8053
Pixma TS 9050
Pixma TS 9055

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This product is rated with a 9,0

9,0 6 Reviews
    • Canon 570-571 Cartouches de Nettoyage - Pack de 5

      "Ces cartouches ont permis de bien dégager les tubes d'injection qui ne permettaient plus l'impression du rouge. Je suis satisfait du produit et de la rapidité de la livraison"

      Serge - 31-07-2023

    • zeer tevreden

      "snelle levering , prints Heads goed gereinigd hopelijk voor lange tijd"

      Jozef - 30-03-2023

    • Reinigingscassettes

      "Na 4x reinigen met tussenposen van plm. 8 uur kreeg ik een vrij goede print. Er zitten nog enkele strepen op maar ik ga ervan uit dat dat door meer gebruik wel zal verdwijnen"

      Cor - 25-02-2023

    • Super tevreden,

      "Scherpe prijs en snelle levering,"

      Jos - 02-02-2023

    • Reactie

      "Wel gekocht. Nog niet gebruikt!"

      Louis - 21-12-2022

    • Cleaning cartridge

      "Snel geleverd"

      Edwin - 20-07-2022

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Canon 570/571 Cleaning Cartridges - 5-pack

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