Epson 18XL Cleaning Cartridges - 4-pack

Epson 18XL Cleaning Cartridges - 4-pack

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Streaks, colour fade and lack of colour on your prints are a thing of the past with these cleaning cartridges. A must for anyone who wants their printer to last as long as possible and to keep prints at the highest quality. Suitable for Epson printers. Read more
  • 4 Cleaning cartridges in CMYK colours
  • Clean print channels by flushing them with ink
  • The solution for stripes or missing colours

Product description: Epson 18XL Cleaning Cartridges - 4-pack

Set of NC-E18XL Epson 18XL cleaning cartridges. To fix and stay ahead of printer problems.

Clean clogged print channels

If you print regularly, it's not obvious that your printer will run like clockwork. It's a tool that needs to be maintained properly. The same goes for your printer's print channels. Ink residues can clog them. They can also dry out during periods when you don't use your printer very often. This can cause streaks on your paper or cause colours to fade. In such cases, you need these cleaning cartridges.

The benefits of cleaning cartridges

  • Just a few cleanings can work wonders
  • By flushing fluid through the print channels at high speed, you prevent dehydration and remove ink residue
  • You can print at high quality the same day
  • Extend the life of your printer

Epson cleaning cartridges

These NC-E18XL Epson 18XL Cleaning Cartridges are specifically designed to flush out the print channels of your Epson printer. After starting the cleaning programme, a special liquid is flushed through the print channels. This tackles caked-on ink residue that is blocking the passage of the channels. The fluid also prevents dehydration. Once finished, your print channels are reborn and you no longer have any streaks or fading. We recommend you to use the cleaning cartridges preventively as well: if you clean your printer regularly, you prevent clogging and make sure your printer lasts longer.

For use with Epson printers:

  • Expression Home XP 102
  • Expression Home XP 202
  • Expression Home XP 205
  • Expression Home XP 212
  • Expression Home XP 215
  • Expression Home XP 222
  • Expression Home XP 225
  • Expression Home XP 30
  • Expression Home XP 302
  • Expression Home XP 305
  • Expression Home XP 312
  • Expression Home XP 315
  • Expression Home XP 322
  • Expression Home XP 325
  • Expression Home XP 402
  • Expression Home XP 405 (WH)
  • Expression Home XP 412
  • Expression Home XP 415
  • Expression Home XP 422
  • Expression Home XP 425

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Epson 18XL Cleaning Cartridges - 4-pack



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