Epson T0711-5 Cleaning Cartridges - 4-pack

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Clean your print channels and maintain your printer with these cleaning cartridges. These cartridges remove caked on ink and prevent the print channels from drying out. Especially suitable for Epson printers. Read more
  • 4 Cleaning cartridges in CMYK colours
  • Clean print channels by flushing them with ink
  • The solution for stripes or missing colours

Product description: Epson T0711-5 Cleaning Cartridges - 4-pack

Set of 4 Epson T0711-5 cleaning cartridges. For optimal maintenance of your printer.

Clean blocked channels

Printer problems: they always crop up when you're in a rush or have to print a vital document. If you're experiencing streaks on your printouts, or faded or missing colours, it's probably due to your print channels. These tubes, through which the ink is pumped, can easily become clogged. Ink residue sticks to the edges and accumulates there, eventually blocking the passage when the printer is used frequently. Even when the printer is not used for a long time, the print channels can become a headache because they dry out. Cleaning cartridges solve these problems.

The benefits of cleaning cartridges

  • Just a few cleanings can work wonders
  • Flushing fluid through the print channels at high speed prevents drying and removes ink residue
  • You can print at high quality the same day
  • Extend the life of your printer

How cleaning cartridges work

Cleaning cartridges for your Epson printer are simple to use. You insert them into the printer where you normally install the ink cartridge. Start the printer cleaning program and let the cartridge do the work. The cartridge is filled with special cleaning fluid that makes ink residues disappear like snow in the sun. The liquid also prevents dehydration, so your print cartridges will be as good as new before you know it. If you repeat this process regularly, even before you start experiencing printing problems, your printer will last longer!

For use with Epson printers:

  • Stylus D 120
  • Stylus D 78
  • Stylus D 92
  • Stylus DX 4000
  • Stylus DX 4050
  • Stylus DX 4400
  • Stylus DX 4450
  • Stylus DX 5000
  • Stylus DX 5050
  • Stylus DX 6050
  • Stylus DX 6050
  • Stylus DX 7000 (F)
  • Stylus DX 7400
  • Stylus DX 7450
  • Stylus DX 8400
  • Stylus DX 8450
  • Stylus DX 9400 F
  • Stylus Office B 40 W
  • Stylus Office BX 300 F
  • Stylus Office BX 310 (FN)
  • Stylus Office BX 600 FW
  • Stylus Office BX 610 FW
  • Stylus Photo D 78
  • Stylus S 20
  • Stylus S 20
  • Stylus S 21
  • Stylus SX 100
  • Stylus SX 105
  • Stylus SX 110
  • Stylus SX 115
  • Stylus SX 200
  • Stylus SX 205
  • Stylus SX 210
  • Stylus SX 215
  • Stylus SX 218
  • Stylus SX 400
  • Stylus SX 405 (W)
  • Stylus SX 410
  • Stylus SX 415
  • Stylus SX 510 (W)
  • Stylus SX 515 W
  • Stylus SX 600 (FW)
  • Stylus SX 610 FW

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10,0 4 Reviews
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Epson T0711-5 Cleaning Cartridges - 4-pack

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